12 Minute Affiliate System Review

One of the biggest obstacles most beginners face when trying to learn affiliate marketing is getting all the moving parts working in unison to form a smooth system that operates on autopilot.

You need to get the landing pages right. You need to sync them with your autoresponder. An email sequence must in place and so on. Besides that, you also need to choose the right niche and get traffic.

It’s no wonder so many people quit before even getting started.

Over the past couple of years, the 12 Minute Affiliate System, created by marketer Devon Brown, has risen in popularity and become an online bestseller. It achieved this status by making affiliate marketing easy, especially for newbies.

By providing done for you pages and funnels plus traffic (that you might have to pay for), they’ve simplified the process, and students of this course find it much easier to succeed.

The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow and most newbies manage it competently.

Maybe you’re still undecided.

No problem. Caution is an admirable trait and a good one to have.

So, now let’s look at the pros and cons of this system.

How They're Smashing it!

Thumbs Up - Good Points

1) There’s no denying that the biggest selling point of the 12 Minute Affiliate System is Devon Brown. It’s his real name and the guy is a legitimate marketer who has been around for years.

You can find him on Facebook and he’s generally well-liked by most other marketers and customers. So, you can trust his product.

2) The ‘Done For You’ components of this product appeal to many newbies. By shortening the learning curve, you’ll be able to profit much faster because you won’t have to struggle with the techie stuff.

Once you have more experience, you can learn how to build your own landing pages and funnels. Until then, you can use the templates and done for you (DFY) components provided by Devon.

3) You have a choice of getting one niche site or 3 sites. Our recommendation is that you get one and focus on it until you’re making the money.

A lion that chases 2 rabbits catches none. Focus is everything. Take my advice on this one. I learned this through my own exasperating efforts of trying too many things at once when I started learning about online marketing.

There’s a choice of 3 highly popular niches – online marketing, personal development, and weight loss. All 3 niches are highly profitable. Pick ONE and concentrate on it.

4) You get access to Devon’s Facebook group where you can ask questions and mix with other marketers. There are tons of tips shared here and you’ll learn a lot.

5) The price of this course is low and that’s ideal since most beginners are on a tight budget.

6) You’ll get access to the 12 Minute Affiliate System within minutes of purchase. You can get started 10 minutes from now. Money loves speed.

7) The product is covered by a 60-day money back guarantee. It’s a risk free purchase.

12 Minute Affiliate System Benefits

12 Minute Affiliate System Benefits

How It's Not Up to Scratch

Deedy Points Out Bad Points

1) The name of the product is more than a bit hyped up. There’s no way you’re going to become a successful affiliate in 12 minutes. This is just NOT possible.

12 Minutes? The process of ordering a pizza and getting it in this time is not possible, much less build a sustainable online business. So, if you really expect to do this in 12 minutes, save yourself…do NOT buy this product. Please do not have any expectations of quick money. The product WORKS, but it doesn’t work THAT FAST.

2) This program is only available online. Get your credit/debit card ready. You’ll need it to purchase.

3) This product has been sold to thousands of people. They all have access to the same templates as you.

But this is not a real deal-breaker. Once you master the basics and understand the process, you can edit the templates and make them unique so that you stand out from the other carbon copy online affiliates.

Should You Get It?

It’s worth giving a try just because Devon Brown is a legit marketer who has been around for a while. The training itself is solid and affordable.

The components that you get with the package allow you to get set up quickly instead of starting from scratch.

Many beginners never get started because they get discouraged by all the technical stuff they need to master. With everything provided for you in the 12 Minute Affiliate System, you’ll hit the ground running.

It’s also easier to reverse engineer the process and make tweaks once you already have the necessary tools.

Give this system a try and you’ll learn about affiliate marketing and all the different parts of it faster than you ever thought possible.

This is a good crash course that will give you a head start. It’s not an end to the learning process… but it’s a great beginning and it’s SUPER NEWBIE FRIENDLY!

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