1K a Day Fast Track System Review

COVID restrictions have resulted in many people working from home or thousands of jobs being lost. This has created a situation with more and more people online who are trying their hand at internet marketing.

In addition the ever increasing inflation rate has forced the necessity for an online income stream, It is no longer something that’s nice to have…it is fast becoming a necessity to millions of people.

But here’s the problem…

Most people don’t know where to start or even have the technical skills to begin an online endeavor. With so many different business models available, the countless number of hyped up products that deliver nothing, and the technical skillset needed it’s easy to lose the shirt off your back when you’re trying to learn how to generate an income online.

And during this time, Merlin Holmes’ course has skyrocketed in popularity. It has created many successful online marketers.

Merlin teaches affiliate marketing which is one of the most cost-effective and ‘easiest’ methods of earning money online.

How It's Up to Scratch

Thumbs Up - Good Points

1) Merlin is an experienced marketer with 15+ years working online. For years, this product has been and still is a bestseller which is proof in itself of his credibility and knowledge.

2) The official site has several positive reviews from satisfied customers. Check them out here.

Keep in mind, when choosing an online course, it’s always best to select one with a lot of social proof. The Fast Tracks System has plenty. And if others are making it work, you can too!

3) The training is detailed and easy to follow. Check out all the information you get in the course. And it is not overwhelming because Merlin breaks it down into easy to follow modules…a step-by-step lesson plan with actionable items in each.

1K a Day Fast Track System Course Outline

Module 1: Welcome To The Program

Welcome to The Fast Tracks!
How To Navigate The Course
Setting Expectations
The Right Mindset Makes More Money
Setting Up Your Clickbank Account
What Are Your Earnings Potential?
Fill Up Your Bank Account With This Product!
Creating Your Commission Link
Start Earning Commissions Today!

Module 2

Introduction to the Polls Module
How and Why Polls Work So Well
Starting To Build Your 1st Poll
ClickFunnels Poll Walkthrough, Part 1
ClickFunnels Poll Walkthrough, Part 2
Setting Up Your Custom Domain
Customizing Your Poll Landing Page
Privacy & Terms Pages Setup
Customizing The Loading Page
Poll Management Tool

Module 3

Introduction to Email Marketing
Your New Email System
Setting Up SendLane 1
Linking Up Your New Email Address To Sendlane
Connecting SendLane With ClickFunnels
Email Templates!!
Email Templates, Part 2
Creating Your Email Automations
Important SendLane Update
Broadcast Emails

Module 4

Introduction to the Topic of Offers
Going Deep Into Clickbank
CPA Networks & Offers
How To Get A Competitive Advantage
Offers, The Real Secret

Module 5

Introduction to TRAFFIC!
The Basic Arithmetic Of Traffic
Your Traffic Laboratory
Your Traffic Rolodex
What is Native Advertising Really?
RevContent, Part 1 (Advertising Account Set Up)
RevContent, Part 2: The Rules
Setting Up Your RevContent Ads, Part 1
Setting Up Your RevContent Ads, Part 2
Setting Up Your RevContent Ads, Part 3

Traffic Optimization Workshop

Session 1 – Overview
Session 2 – Funnel Vision and the Garden Hose
Session 3 – The Phantom of the Offer
Session 4 – Adding Impact (to Ads)
Session 5 – Polls that Pull
Session 6 – Loading Reloaded
Session 7 – The Check is in the Email
Session 8 – Conclusion

Module 6

Introduction to One of the Best and Most Amazing Money Models!
Amazing Money Model, Part 2
Multiply Your Lists With Advanced Segmentation

Weekly Coaching and Q&A

4) Most importantly, the business model is simple. It’s only a 3-step formula. You

    1. create a poll with a few essential pages.
    2. drive traffic to these pages.
    3. build a list and convert them into sales.


Unlike many online marketing products which are full of fluff with untested theory, the Fast Tracks System model works. It’s proven and scalable. Once you master it, the sky’s the limit.

5) It is covered by a 60-day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, you can get a refund. This is a zero-risk investment for you.

6) In order for you to fully realize the potential of this course you have to apply it before you can see results.

In order to best understand the 1K a Day Fast Track System you need to watch the FREE webinar.

So, sign up for it and get the inside scoop.

There’s just too much to tell you in a written review.


Watch 1K a Day Fast Track Video to Learn More…


1K a Day Fast Track Video

I have taken the course and apply its methods myself.  I can attest that it is solid online marketing training that will help you, if you are looking for a comprehensive affiliate marketing course.

The Bad Points

Deedy Points Out Bad Points

1) The product is pricey and might be out of range for those who need it the most.

2) The webinar is not live. Please keep this in mind.

3) The sales page itself is slight for details. You must watch the FREE webinar for detailed information.

4) You have to sit through a lengthy webinar that could be made more to the point. A text transcript of the video would offer appeal to those who like to skim.

Should You Get It?

This depends on what type of online gig you are looking to do.

If you prefer methods such as product creation, ecommerce, Kindle publishing, arbitrage, freelancing, and so on, then this product is not for you.

However, if you want to make  money with affiliate marketing…if you like the idea of making commissions without having to create your own products…then this course can help you by providing you with a good, solid foundation of steps to follow for success.

Please keep in mind there is a learning curve and a timeframe you need to span to create a trusted following. So, in the beginning you probably won’t earn $1,000 a day. But if you follow the training and take action, this course will provide a solid ground for affiliate marketing fundamentals and will show you exactly what you need to do to succeed in affiliate marketing. Thus working your way up to $1,000 a day and more!

Give it a try. If you take action and do the work, most likely (no promises though) you’ll be able to earn an impressive online income in a few months after completing the course.