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The focus here is on valid and vetted work at home and make money online products plus tools that enhance workflow and productivity

Online Businesses seem daunting and at time even impossible to achieve. But it actually is not so, if you put the time into them by utilizing a proven system that is already being SUCCESSFULLY used by a veteran. If you learn from a successful business person and follow the steps outlined to achieve success, it is quite easy.

I have spent some time figuring out who to follow and who not to follow. I have fallen, gotten back up, and never given up. It has been up and down and quite rocky at times. But I have learned who the good guys are. I know what shiny objects to follow and which ones are lumps of coal in disguise.

Check out what I suggest, give each one you choose a solid try – that is actually do the work, learn something new each day, and take each step one at a time. Do this and you will learn how to successfully work online within a reasonable time line and without stressing yourself out.

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Valid and vetted

Some of the products I use in my own business. Others I have found, checked out, and found to be good, solid investments to aid in reaching your business goals.

If I personally do not use a product, it because I have either purchased a similar product and do not want to transfer or I currently have no need for it because it does not fit into my business model. However, all products recommended are those that I would use given the right circumstances or I am considering for future use.

Why DoDeedy Digitals?

Integrity while earning money

Yes, this is the means by which, in my retirement, I am earning a living as a senior. I have learned how to calmly ride the storms. I know honesty and integrity are best policies. You might not always like what I have to say, but it is my honest opinion.

There is so much NOISE  on the internet and so much drama, I can leave that to those already engaged.

My goal is to recommend information that you can actually learn from. And by doing so you can begin to develop your online business, so in the near future you can leave your long commute to a corporate ass-kissing culture and make a living at something you enjoy that does not suck the time from your life!

“A lifetime spent working at something you enjoy, maybe even love, is actually a lifetime spent never working!”

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